Holiday Bartender Tips

All Bartenders please remember to always bring the following:
A lighter
A wine key (inclusive of a beer opener)
A stainless steel professional cocktail shaker

The bar is a stage - ROCK OUT!
Its all about the customer - LISTEN
Adhere to all TIPS practices and protocols - BE RESPONSIBLE!
Never let them see you sweat - MULTI-TASK
Basic math is your best friend when handling cash and making drinks - THINK FAST

and always ...always...always HAVE FUN!!

What a year this has been for Event Staff Inc! It begun with the 2017  Presidential Inauguration ! What mixed emotions. Our beloved President Obama was gone and yet the excitement of the controversy of the 45th President, Donald Trump was bittersweet. Our staff was hired to work the Liberty Ball at the Convention Center and that we did.

We had the arduous task of not only being able to recruit staffers who did not allow political opinions stand in the way of performing the task at hand, but insure that our staff was their timely to obtain specific instructions and directives from the client. In addition we had to obtain detailed information on each individual, take a picture, create a spreadsheet to be submitted to our client and in turn approved by theirs for security reasons.

Friday January, 20, 2017 I remember like it was yesterday, Event Staff management galvanized our troops starting at 5:30AM, in the absolute frigid cold. OMG. What a day that led us late into the next morning. Yup, we staffed approximately four shifts within that 24 hour period for that event.

I remember walking out into a sea of men but predominately women with different signs, hats, outfits, bullhorns, etc. WOW...more that 2 million people across the world, led by hundreds of thousands who overwhelmed the nations capital protested the day after the Trump Inauguration. It was incredibly surreal and personally invigorated me as a female entrepreneur.


Event Staff engaged in many events this year but I believe one of the most exciting was the Firefly Music Festival  held in Dover Delaware.

Imagine 4 straight days of music. Long days, souring temperatures and hundreds of thousands of young people. Our team had to recruit, manage, hydrate and troubleshoot during the event.  We had to encourage, motivate, transport and in some cases even feed our staff. It is awesome that we can have fun while working hard to insure that we meet our clients staffing needs.


Interestingly enough our web site has begun to gain traction. We were able to obtain several new clients thanks to our SEO. A young man called and ascertained our availability to staff an event in Virginia in approximately 3 weeks. "No problem" I said with confidence, "we got you". Sure enough our team recruited and staffed the event flawlessly. The POC for the firm called that Monday....and was a a very happy camper! Once again Event staff executed on a dime!



Of course we had a great Redskins season. We have worked Since Fed Ex Field was built in some capacity off and on. Event Staff has staffed in food and beverage, security, ticket taking as well as cleaning the stadium. The crazy thing about working during a football season on the East Coast is it starts off in blistering heat (August) and ends in frigid cold (January) in all staff is outdoors. YIKES!


AMAZING! We closed the year out when another firm Capstone Event Group, called an inquired if we could staff a half marathon in Baltimore, Maryland in 10 days. "Of course!" our recruiter replied. Our friendly, professional staff arrived at 5:30AM and encouraged and directed over 100 runners to successfully complete 13.5 miles.

GOOD STUFF! Event Staffing Inc. would like to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday.